Different types of hair extensions

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Different types of hair extensions

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 16, 2016 12:04 am

1.Skin weft
Skin weft are hooked on the top of the PU adhesive tape by pure hand stitch.One side is the hairline,and another side is hair,the specification is a long form.Each package contains 50 grams of hair,stylist need to cut the hair according to the needs of the length,due to the imitation of hair growth, so you can only see the hair on the surface.It shows no trace of the hair extensions.It is recognized by the international most advanced seamless hair extensions,of course,the price is the highest.

2.Tape hair
The traceless hair extensions is also one kind of machine made hair extensions.Machine made hair extensions are arranged the hair by hand,and then apply the glue to finish it.The thickness is very thin,probably at 0.5 mm,after you finish the hair extensions,the thickness is about 1.2 mm.The surface appears to have a layer of glue,but the touch will be very comfortable.The width is 4 cm,and the weight is about 1 to 2 grams per piece.The production of some manufacturers only weight 0.5 grams and the hair is very rare.If the hairdresser only charge by piece,you should pay attention for the weight of the hair.Because of the hair is also a manual operation,so the market price is also very high.

3.Machine made traceless hair extensions
The machine made traceless hair extensions are produced by a machine called three machine,and then through the special glue making production process.One piece is full of glue,and another  side is hair.The difference is that there is a sewing thread on the surface of the hair.You can not see the glue when finished.The specification is a long form,each package contains 50 grams of hair,but also need to be cut by the hair stylist when used.Because this kind of hair piece uses the modernized machine to carry on the production,so the price is the lowest.

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