Washing hair with vinegar

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Washing hair with vinegar

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 22, 2016 11:52 pm

Washing hair with vinegar? Did you know that? If you never know about this,I will introduce it for you.The main component of vinegar is acetic acid, also contains a small amount of amino acids,organic acids,sugars,vitamins B1, B2,etc..In the warm shampoo,add a little vinegar,shampoo will be feeling particularly cool,comfortable,the hair will supple and can reduce the dandruff.

How to wash hair with vinegar? First you should wash hair with shampoo,then use the worm water with vinegar to rinse your hair, about 10-20 minutes,and then rinse with water.Vinegar and warm water diluted the proportion of about 1:10.Pay attentions that you should select the appropriate acidity of vinegar,such as apple cider vinegar.At the same time, rinse must let the hair evenly soaked,so washed out of the hair gloss is balanced.

Inhibit dandruff:some girls always bothered by dandruff,all kinds of anti dandruff shampoo are not useful.You can try to use the 1:1 of vinegar and water to apply on the place where the dandruff growth in every night before sleeping.Then gently rub the hair roots,10 minutes later,washed with water.It can inhibit the excessive dandruff generation and can cure.Shampoo with warm water with vinegar also has a very good effect.

Black shiny hair:some girls hair dry and not shiny,using a moisturizing shampoo is also not effective.This situation should how to use vinegar to wash your hair?In every time after a wash with neutral shampoo,and then rinse your hair in the worm water mixed with vinegar.After 20 minutes with water flushing. After a period of time,the hair will become soft and shiny,black and bright.

In addition,you can also use the rice water to wash hair.When cooking will leave the rice water,packed in a container,according to the condition of indoor temperature,put 1-2 days,making it a natural fermentation,and then used to rinse hair (without shampoo).After it is normal that the fermentation of rice water
will have a rancid smell,rinse with water for several times after washing.So the hair will become dark and thick.

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