Hair care method

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Hair care method

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:06 pm

Today we will talk about women's hair care methods.Let us to learn the methods of how to maintain our hair.

Stick to exercise:
This is the key to a strong body,but also maintenance of hair tips.Because regular exercise is one of the best ways to eliminate stress,and tension is an important cause of bad hair problems.

Wash your hair in the right way:
Shampoo is not only to clean your hair,but also an important way to maintain hair.But wash your hair must follow the scientific method of washing,otherwise it will damage the hair.

Adhere to massage:
Massage is a very important way to maintain hair.Massage is to gently rub the fingers on the scalp.In accordance with the direction of the scalp the natural blood flow to the heart, according to the forehead,hair,temples,neck,head and back hair the occasion of the order.Massage can promote the secretion of oils and fats,therefore,oily hair massage when the force of light,dry hair can be a little bit more.

Prevent sun exposure:
Excessive sun exposure will make hair dry,so in the summer you would better to go out with a straw hat or umbrella.If you want to swim in the sea,but should pay more attention to maintenance of hair,because the salt is the enemy of hair.If the hair contains salt,more able to absorb the sun's ultraviolet rays,so that the degree of damage to the hair increased several times.How to maintain hair:apply some hair oil on the hair in advance,in order to maintain the hair,you also should wear a swimming cap.Must wash the hair after swimming.

Avoid damage to hair:
How to maintain the hair,the hair is not properly handled will cause potential hazards.Hair Coloring,perm,curling or straightening hair should be careful to do as requested.Only the hair with good condition can be permed,but also a interval of at least three months,more than half a year is the best.Because perm syrup on hair damage,frequent use will make the hair lose luster and elasticity,and even become dry.If you want to change your hair style or hair color,you can try to use clip in hair extensions.Here small make up to Feshfen. Feshfen 100% is a human hair extensions,pure hand-made,can be arbitrary wash,cut, blow,hot,but also can be customized according to customer requirements,the effect will be more natural and comfortable to wear.

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