The difference between remy hair and synthetic hair

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The difference between remy hair and synthetic hair

Post by Admin on Fri May 06, 2016 12:49 am

Remy hair is more real, supple, easy to make dye, hot operation and easy care, so now more commonly used.The principle of hair extension is very simple, it is grafted processed human hair to the original hair. The hair needs to be divided into several cells, then a lock and a lock to make it together, it is a "working slowly and deliberately",it can satisfy those who want short hair longer, thicker hair color without baking oil can reach streaked (Depart Dyeing) the effect of the appetite of the young people. but if your hair is too short (standard inch head ), then you can try hair belt, belt made with respect to other types of hair extension, its length is more desired hair shorter.

different types of hair extensions then the ways are different, and some types of hair extension must be completed by a professional hair stylist, while others only need their own can operate, such as: clip in hair extensions and so on. Hair is divided into two kinds of remy human hair and silk fiber, you can choose according to their preferences. human hair can perm, hair care and nutrition, and easy to comb. Although the filaments are colorful but unmanageable. To make sure Jieshangqu hair is natural look and color coordination with the hair root ,the color of bonding wax depending on each person's hair color into black, purple, red and yellow.

If you're tired of take out hair or hair color, hair stylist will use a professional with special potion take them down. Often alkaline shampoo if you wash your hair, Jieshangqu hair will naturally fall off.

Here small make up to Feshfen. Feshfen100% is a human hair extensions, pure hand-made, can be arbitrary wash, cut, blow, hot, but also can be customized according to customer requirements, the effect will be more natural and comfortable to wear.
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