How to choose a wig for your face

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How to choose a wig for your face

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 01, 2016 12:58 am

Now more and more people like to wear a wig, but it is not easy to choose a suitable wig.I will share some of the wig selection techniques,according to the face to choose a wig is very important.

The choice of wig should follow a golden rule: make up for each other.
1.A wig must to meet your temperament.
2.wig have to play a role in modifying the shape of the face.

1.oval face
Oval face fit to leave some bangs in the forehead to modify face in the forehead,you can try to have oblique bangs to add lively element.You can appropriately increase the head hair,and shape a more perfect face.

2.round face
Increase the amount of hair on top of the head or leave a fringe to increase above height,in the vision will be elongated face,cover naturally on both sides.
It is best not to leave short hair,suitable for long hair to cover the face contour.

3.square face
Square face can have divided long bangs forehead side.Or cut a long zigzag middle short side bangs.The girl with square face can grow slightly longer bangs or the long hair with slightly wavy style so that can cover the prominent cheek bone.Girls with this face are suitable for long straight hair should not stay short

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