More tips on choosing wigs for different faces

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More tips on choosing wigs for different faces

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:13 pm

Last time,we talk about how to choose a suitable wig for different face,today we will continue this topic. feshfen hair will told you the tips about how to choose wig for more faces.

1.Rectangular face

Rectangular face:Girls with rectangular face should avoid to expose the face completely,make both sides of the hair with fluffy feeling as far as possible,must not increase the head height absolutely,not to stay long straight hair.such as:long mushroom hairstyle and student hairstyle,set aside a thick bangs modification of the forehead,at the top of the head increased plumpness, make full of the top contour and overall fluffy effect, try to head on both sides of the hair amount to fill,to achieve the purpose of modified face!Rectangular faces of the people should not stay straight long hair,can try short hair or baby head,make the face appear shorter to make up for the long face of the defect.

2.Triangular face

The gill of triangular face girls are wider,and the top of the forehead is narrow.So they can leave a thick neat bang.On both sides should not be too short,you'd better to keep a little bit of hair under the wider face of the two gills.Bangs can be cut a thin layer,you can use more hair to modify cheeks.

3.Inverted triangular face

The people with inverted triangular face have wide forehead, chin pointed.Pay attention to leave some bangs to modify frontal wide part,lower part expose more or expose all,so that the face does not seem too sharp.Inverted triangle face girls is necessary to pay attention to the hair length.Head part of the hair should have a sense of fluffy,and the hair on both sides must be close to the face, and then combine with the make-up,it can be harmonious, beautiful and moving.


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