2016 hair color trends

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2016 hair color trends

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 30, 2016 1:51 am

1: matte effect young hair color sense

Pink orange is suitable for light skin color,it can set off fair skin better than orange,more atmosphere fashion than pink.From the top of the head part began to slightly tapered gloss level, match full of smooth straight,shows unique sense of three-dimensional.

The candy color is more lotus young sense of choice.Choose Pan Pearl Matt pearlescent texture of lotus root starch color, with a rich geometry line of hair is punk tide women's favorite.

2: soft gradient color
Rainbow color is very hot in recent years.Warm colors in summer are still favored,after all,it is the best skin color collocation.Added metal color to make the rainbow gradient more rich fashion sense and the sense of the future.

3: small area jump color
In large area of impression,choose a small area of contrast color or is obviously bright ornament,let dull monochrome hair becomes lively leap up. For example, the dark hair and bangs rendering at the bottom edge of the rigid straight BOB dynamic increase.

Many people in the selection of wig doesn't know how to choose the colors of wig.The reason may be is not aware of the current popular color or don't know what color suits oneself,also may be less understanding of color number,today I will make a detailed explanation for everybody!

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